The reason for expansion into MENA region was to upscale the tech ecosystem

Mabel Hoyos, Director, Hebany Group

Mabel Hoyos, Director, Hebany Group

After having firmly entrenched itself in the Spanish market Hebany Group is looking for major expansion in MENA region due to huge demands and higher returns.

The reason for expansion into MENA region was to upscale the tech ecosystem and take innovation to the next level as the brand constantly delivers value to the industry and society at large.

Mabel Hoyos, Director, Hebany Group said that the UAE remains a lucrative market for local and global investors. Elaborating her company specializes in plethora of sectors, she further stated: “We have interests in the pharmacological sector such as the distribution of vaccines, especially Dengue, Malaria and COVID. Metal sector Lithium, Copper, precious metals, gold, and especially rare metals, innovating materials for the aerospace industry, and in the food sector researching new agricultural production technology for to increase the quantity of healthy food production.”

“We have nine companies with a presence across ninety seven international markets coupled with over decades of experience, we are looking to generate new business opportunities for the investors. That is why we are in the process of launching an Investment Fund, which will help us to create new companies which will be dedicated towards production and marketing of products that will help us to generate profits for our investors,” She added.

She disclosed that establishment of MEYDAN FZ entity is one of the steps which will boost the investor confidence.”

Highlighting the Investment Fund, Mabel, said: “By creating investment fund, we can organize the companies under a corporate umbrella, this will allow us to hire high-level professionals, who are too expensive for a single company, but by having the holding company, can quickly provide services to each of the subsidiaries.”

She echoed that UAE government has undertaken major initiatives to attract foreign investment and to make UAE a global business hub. Speaking about some of these steps she said, “The visionary leadership of this country has taken many steps to make UAE a global business hub for the entrepreneurs and few steps like allowing 100% foreign-owned businesses offering extended visas for entrepreneurs, providing funding and support for smaller businesses and attract international businesses to the region would further boost UAE’s economic growth landscape.”

Elaborating further about her expansion plans, Mabel added, “We have our headquarters in Dubai because we believe that this city has given us the right ingredients to house international companies that we operate from here. With little state intervention there is a lot of management freedom. The city provides very good legal security and low tax pressure.

Since last pandemic, the partners of the company was more focused on Asia, especially Vietnam, China and Singapore. In the year 2023 we plan to increase our turnover in the mineral sector. We plan to buy mines in Chile, mines in Zambia, and dedicate ourselves to mineral exploration in Paraguay. Our Miami office has ambitious plans in the Pharmaceutical sector which includes commercialisation of vaccines against Dengue and Malaria for African and Latin American countries.”